"White Cliffs CrossFit is more than a gym, it's a community of support, education, and encouragement to achieve your fitness goals."


White Cliffs Crossfit is a community of people who aspire to improve their overall fitness, strength, flexibility and conditioning. With workout classes running throughout the day, led by CrossFit qualified coaches, people have the opportunity to train through a series of functional movements, olympic lifts, metabolic conditioning workouts and gymnastics. The results of Crossfit speak for themselves and people are beginning to recognise the value in training the body in such a way, without the use of machines or training aids.

Kent Crossfit, Dover


Kent Crossfit, Dover

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Kent Crossfit, Dover


  • A sentence that all the white cliffs crossfit coaches ooze and they don't even know it. More than this, we thrive to help others as it enriches our own lives by surrounding ourselves with awesome people. We love our job ❤❤ @wccfmark @wccfsteve @wccfben @kirsty_oliver27 @caycejo_barr @ryanbrotherston @gr87
  • His n hers matching Camo snow and Camo black no bull trainers! Such a beautiful shoe!! @nobullproject #nobullprojectfanclub #justthehorns #whitecliffscrossfit #couplesgoals #coupleshoes @kirsty_oliver27 #crossfit #crossfitopen2017 #whateverittakes #believeinyourself
  • There are two types of athlete, and yes, we are all athletes. Those that look at the glass half full and those that look at the glass half empty. I've seen people walk through the door and look at the program and turn their nose up. Normally a over head squat or snatch day! Failure to look at these days with anything less than an opportunity to get better at them is a failure on your outlook on life. Look at the hardship you face as a building block for better things as most will never recognise that beautiful things are built from the biggest challenges in life. If you're frustrated that 17.3 felt less than a workout, good, feel that frustration and use it in a constructive way. Let it fuel your training and progress, let it push you to find out why it didn't go well and develop a plan to get it better. Success is perception and your ability to turn that problem 180 into a strength. This is the essence of a happy and successful life. Being humble, positive, open and hardworking is a potent recipe. Take the positives and ignore the negatives. Take responsibility for where you are because of what you're doing or not doing. #crossfitgames #whitecliffscrossfit #wccf #motivationalquotes #bepositive #changeyourperception #believeinyourself
  • Always try to level yourself up and never stop. No matter what area of my life, I can be 1% better. LOVE to hustle, LOVE to grind, LOVE to progress. #crossfit #whitecliffscrossfit #wccf #cfmasters #crossfitgames #rehab
  • Don't accept normal. Who wants to be normal anyway! Dream big, fight hard, be humble and be hungry as hell. #davecastroisaprick #whitecliffscrossfit #wccf #willsmith #cfmasters #crossfit #crossfitgames
  • Bloody love a rammed Sunday session with two mental coaches looking on! @wccfmark @wccfsteve #17.1 #whitecliffscrossfit #crossfit #mentalcoach #beard #sundaylove #ifuckinglovescience #haters
  • #toomanyexcuses
  • Ready to judge the open for all our members!! #openready #wccf #whitecliffscrossfit #battleboxkent #allthehashtags #beard #ifuckinglovescience #crossfit #squatgirls #leftknee

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