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6th January 2020

CrossFit as a rehabilitation tool.

CrossFit as a rehabilitation tool. I first looked at CrossFit back in 2008 and like many, was immediately sceptical. I looked at the movements and thought to myself, ‘there’s too much going through the lower back’. So I delved deeper into the science of human movement to try and find why it worked so well. […]

3rd January 2020

The calorie deficit lie.

Calorie deficit principle: ‘All you have to do is eat less and do more and you’ll lose weight’ I’ve heard that crap for 25 years. If your personal trainer or coach is telling you this, run like hell. I mean it. The advice is actually correct, if you eat less and move more you’ll lose […]

27th December 2019

Sacrificing simple pleasures.

Sacrifice simple pleasures. We all love things that are easy. Easy to do and easy to feel the reward. I’ll start a list: Alcohol Cake Smoking Sleeping in Extra portions Nights out Chocolate Procrastination SOCIAL MEDIA Quitting Saying ‘I don’t have time’ This list is not exhaustive by any stretch but every one of them […]

16th December 2019

Most CrossFitters don’t know the game they’re in.

Most CrossFitters don’t know the game they’re in. Watching people train and compete for over 25 years now, I’d be a fool not to see patterns in people. Patterns in what they do and how they do it. What is much harder to see (but much more valuable) is why people do what they do. […]

12th December 2019

Five short stories of inspiration.

We all love stories. We love stories of inspiration even more. They seem to paint a picture of what is possible in our minds. We are far more likely to remember a story that we are random information. We can gain strength, fortitude and resilience from these stories and even make you question what you’re […]

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