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27th September 2017

Intimidated by CrossFit? I don’t blame you.

Playschool was intimidating. Primary, secondary, the military, walking onto the landings with 150 men doing life with not much to lose, was intimidating. We all face times in our lives where our anxiety is a little higher but as with all things that are uncomfortable, growth and strength comes from it. Progression truly begins at […]

10th August 2017

Starting Crossfit at 47-Laren Wesley

Ben, ‘Laren, thank you so much for letting me interview you! So let’s get the first question out of the way, how old are you?!’ Laren, ’49 Ben!!’ Ben, ‘Is it hard for someone of about your age to start CrossFit?’ Laren, ‘No absolutely not, the biggest obstacle would be a mental one and not […]

10th August 2017

Kids then CrossFit with Denise and Hannah.

Ben ‘Would you guys reveal your ages please?!’ Hannah ’49’ Denise ’40’ Ben ‘So how long have you guys been crossfitting for?’ Hannah ‘5 years this month!’ Denise , ‘5.5 years now! It was just after you opened so I am one of your originals! It was very raw in here!’ Ben ‘How would you […]

3rd August 2017

What does it take to succeed?

Even with the toughest of people, life will test them and make them question how mentally strong they are. Everyone on the planet gets tough times thrown at them, so why do some people come out stronger for it? I am always reading stories of incredible human endurance that could kill most ‘normal’ people. They […]

25th July 2017

Training with and through injuries.

Over eight years ago now I was taking part in the prison lifting competition and it was me versus one of the boys in the end. We traded PB’s for a few lifts (there was no limit in number of attempts in this comp!) until I put 125kg on the bar, which was a weight […]

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