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20th November 2019

Consistency is king!

The Importance of Consistency

I’ve often been asked, what is the secret? Is it a pill, a diet plan, a type of program, a different gym, a mindset coach, a skill specific coach…?

It is all of those things and none of them. A diet plan will have a significant impact in everything that you do but only if you’re disciplined and stick to the diet. I different plan might help to find where you’re weakest and help you attack those weaknesses. A new environment or a different gym may help, especially if you’re not feeling inspired where you are. All of these things will help but they don’t mean a thing without the most important intangible – consistency.

You don’t get fit by going to the gym for 9 hours and expect to see the results. You get fit and transform your body by hitting the gym for just 20 minutes a day almost every day. You don’t build a cathedral in a day, a week, a month or even a year. You lay a few bricks on the first day, a few on the second and so on. Then and only then are you actually building a cathedral. What does brushing your teeth for 4 minutes actually do? Do you get clean and healthy teeth? No! You need to do them every day, twice a day just to keep them healthy. If you were inconsistent with brushing them, they’d soon fall out.

The most successful members are the ones who embrace the daily grind. The ones that know they won’t see results instantly. They won’t see their goals realised in a month or even a year but one thing they would see is progress.

Consistency gives you results.
Consistency shows you improvement.
Consistency gives you a chance to constantly build upon that progress.
Consistency is king.

How do you get to be more consistent? Here’s a guide that will help.

1) Create goals. The more specific the better. Visualise that goal with massive clarity, the better you can visualise that goal the more likely you will be compelled to be consistent. See it, feel it, what does it already feel like to have achieved it, as if you’re there already. Get after that feeling.
2) Get a routine. In CrossFit we say routine is the enemy. But in life it helps you be consistent. We are who we repeatedly are so getting a routine in place is essential. Do you eat better when you’re working that day? Do you eat crap on weekends off? Routine works when you do. Tony Robbins is a huge proponent of a morning routine. His routine is all over youtube. The first part is mindset. He will visualise things such as gratitude, connecting with people and what he wants to achieve that day. Then he’ll get in a ice cold plunge pool! He will do that every single day and as a result, he has had an amazingly productive life.
3) Place reminders around your home, in your cupboards or on your fridge. One of the best techniques I have is to get my client to find the very worst picture of themselves and place it on the fridge. I then write on the picture “the old ….. …….. , the new one is in construction”.
4) Reward yourself when you achieve something. There’s nothing wrong with rewards and they don’t have to be treat foods! One of my best friends is a dentist but that’s not how he started is life. He was a physical rehabilitation specialist within the army so it was a bit of a shock when he told me he was going to study to be a dentist! During his studies he began a love for quality watches. He chose one that he was going to buy himself once he’d qualified so whenever he looked at it, it would remind him of the 6 years of hard study.

Try these things and watch your progress soar!

Ben Stroud

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