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1st January 2019

CrossFit at home, for free!

CrossFit is easier and cheaper to start than you think.

It’s actually easier to get started with the CrossFit methodology. CrossFit’s definition of fitness is ‘work capacity over broad time and modal domains’. I realise that may not make much sense, however, at its core, it means, ‘how much work can you produce in a given time frame or task?’

This approach requires intensity but intensity only after mechanics and consistency through those mechanics. Basically, you’ve got to move right first, move right consistently and then add the intensity.

The great thing about this Information Age is that it’s free! You can learn almost everything online via youtube and other online video hosting platforms. There are a plethora of websites offering free information, guidance and expertise and some of it is excellent. There are a billion instagram adverts that are really quite good and expertly done. Of course, you need to sift through the rubbish first! In fact, that’s how I started. There were no expert coaches near me, it was very much trial and error and I made tons of mistakes. The great thing was, I learnt from every single one of them. The information out there now is 100% better than then. 

To get started it helps to have:

2 kettlebells of the same weight.
A skipping rope
A floor mat
2 dumbells
Some space.

The combinations of workouts from that equipment alone is limitless. But if you’re not sure about your technique with weight yet then a bodyweight work out is priceless. In fact it’s even better than that. It’s free. 

We believe in our mission that much that we offer home bodyweight programming for free. We even provide video demonstrations to help you. We can’t give you the feedback and coaching about your positioning from so far away, but to get started it’s an amazing platform. 

Go onto the App Store or Play Store and download SugarWOD (it’s free). 
Register your details (you can sign up with facebook)
And select White Cliffs CrossFit as your gym. 
Change tracks from WOD to FREE HOME WOD
And get cracking!  

Of course, you should warm up correctly first and If you’re unsure about how to do that, seek advice from a professional. 

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