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23rd July 2019

Eat that frog!

I love to read. I’ve learnt more out of reading self help books than anything I did at school! Yes, really. Because these books give amazing advice and guidance on what is real in the world and real time strategies on how to deal with them. I didn’t learn about anti-procrastination or how to change something about yourself from school. 

Warren Buffett, worth 82.4 billion (88 years old) still reads 600-1000 pages per day. He never misses his reading. In fact he said he’d rather skip a meal than miss 30 mins of reading. He prefers to read biographies because he states he learns all of their mistakes so he doesn’t make them. When he reads he doesn’t just go through the words, he highlights, underlines, makes notes in a note book by the side of him. He reads AND learns AND puts those lessons into ACTION. 

When I read about Warren Buffett I knew I needed to read more so I adopted his philosophies as my own, not missing 30 mins of reading per day. And when I read I have a note book and pen to make notes on the key points. I’ve known for quite some time that you do not know a subject until you teach it because it is only then that you understand it. So, I decided to read with a view to teach others what I’ve learnt. I based some seminars off of key concepts in the most influential books I’ve read. I also listen to audio books whenever I take the dogs out or to and from locations

When you read it helps you to stay focussed, enhance your thinking, make better decisions, solve problems better and with more thought and less emotion. So what has this got to do with CrossFit?!

EVERYTHING! I program my athletes 30 mins of reading per day and give a suggested list of books to read. The feedback that I have received from that is that they are clearer on their vision of themselves, make better decisions with their training, diet and rest. Better everything. 

Eat that frog is a book by Brian Tracy is a book about making the decision to ACT. He thoughts are that we all have a bunch of tasks to complete throughout the day. Some are ugly, some are nice. If we spend too long thinking about it we tend to opt for the nicest task first. However, they are rarely productive and the task you should be eating first is the biggest and ugliest frog in the pond. The thought being is that after you’ve tasted that frog, anything else you eat that day will be nicer! A by-product of eating the ugliest frog is that it tends to be the most productive to you or your work as a whole. It will have the biggest impact in what results you get in your life. Sometimes, that frog might be CrossFit. CrossFit hurts! I mean its seriously hard and we can never master it because there is always something to improve. A common theme amongst the 6am crew is, ‘its out the way then’. Meaning that their training is done and it can set them up for the day. 

Get reading and make better decisions about your fitness journey. 

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