Our Core Values

Kent Crossfit, Dover


Core values are something that are of the very heart and soul of WCCF and will form the basis on all that goes forward. These values are of central importance.

Kent Crossfit, Dover


The person next to you is your brother or your sister.

Kent Crossfit, Dover

Drive to Change

The drive to change people physically and mentally. We are all very different with a common goal and that is CrossFit. Just because someone is different, we will always try to communicate the core values into them. CrossFit goes way beyond physical changes for us. Changing everyone for the better in all aspects is what truly drives us.

Kent Crossfit, Dover


Striving to be the best in all that we do. It is simply never good enough to be ‘just ok’ with something. We must strive to do the best and constantly seek to improve.

Kent Crossfit, Dover


If one can see that something can be done better in a more efficient or more effective way, we share that knowledge!

Kent Crossfit, Dover


We demand of others what we must live ourselves.

Kent Crossfit, Dover


Positive ways of thinking include seeing the best in people, seeing the light and not the dark in any situations, developing a ‘can do’ attitude and developing a no blame culture around yourself.

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