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26th December 2018

People like us do things like this.

People like us. 
People like us do things like this. Birds of a feather flock together, you’ve heard that saying before but does it apply to you? We are a diverse bunch but we have some similarities that are striking and bring us together in way that to not achieve your goals is almost impossible. 
There are members that work on the railways, graphic designers, local business owners, personal trainers, public service workers, students, sales people and teachers to name but a few. From different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, we come together. From the very young to the more senior members of our community, we all train together because WHAT we do differs only by degree and not by kind. We are all different but it’s our similarities that bind us. 
Every single member was nervous before their first session, just like you. Even nervous for their first month. 
Every single member was not happy with where they were with their health and fitness and wanted more. 
Every single member was curious as to how much CrossFit would kick their arse, and then they found out.
Every single member questions what they’re doing often during a workout, but every single one of them learns how to dig deeper and deeper. 
Every single member has felt how the demands of training in WCCF has helped them outside in the gym, in every area of life. 
Every single one of them thought they couldn’t do some of the techniques at the start, and they were right, then they realised that there is a progression for everything and they would be guided as to the right one for them. 
Every single one of them will get aches and pains but now every single one of them realise that they are both solvable and can be worked around to ensure they still make progress. They know this is part of their journey, part of their life. 
Every single one of them joined for a multitude of reasons but very soon after started focusing on technique and personal performance over anything else. 
Every single of them is held accountable, by every single one of them. 
Every single one of them would recommend WCCF to their friends and family, (recent poll) and that is the highest compliment we could possibly have.  
Every single one of them improves their health and every possible facet of fitness and body composition. 
People like us do things like this. 
Sounds like you? It probably is. Don’t delay. Email whitecliffscrossfit@yahoo.com, book your session via the website through this link http://www.whitecliffscrossfit.com/book-a-session/#tmup=/w31461/p/31461-white-cliffs-crossfit/%23!list-2018-12-26 or call 01304746008 to ask any questions about how we are right for you.
The biggest key to get where you want to go is to GET STARTED. 3,2,1…GO!! 

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