Kent Crossfit

Group classes

Group classes form the bulk of the offerings from White Cliffs CrossFit. Highly motivating and progressive, everyone takes part in these classes. All very coached and broken down for individuals, you will not feel out of place and we encourage everyone to take part!

CrossFit Lite

A CF Lite workout has the same principles as a regular CrossFit class (Constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement) except we will focus mainly on Metabolic Conditioning (Met Con) with scaled down weights or body weight movements.

This is the perfect introduction to CrossFit if you are a little hesitant about doing a workout. This is aimed at beginners or those looking to return to fitness. THIS IS NOT A BOOTCAMP! We will teach skills and correct movement and emphasis will be placed on form. Please note, these classes will not include some of the advanced movements such as the olympic lifts and some gymnastics.

1-2-1 Private Coaching

Private personal training is available on request. Should you feel you would like some extra tuition or a keen eye to correct technique, personal training is the way to go. Please enquire within.

Private sports specific coaching for groups

Facility hire is available and is very popular for groups of people to do. Schools, rugby clubs, rowing clubs and companies have been some of the groups that we have taken for large scale group coaching events. Please contact to enquire.

Military fitness preparation

We have taken quite a large number of individuals and prepared them for their physical life within the armed forces successfully. Watch this space for further details on courses soon to be announced.

Injury rehab

Having been involved with injury/post surgery rehab for a number of years, we have successfully worked with a number of individuals to restore functional movement. If this is you, please enquire within.

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