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3rd January 2020

The calorie deficit lie.

Calorie deficit principle:

‘All you have to do is eat less and do more and you’ll lose weight’

I’ve heard that crap for 25 years. If your personal trainer or coach is telling you this, run like hell. I mean it. The advice is actually correct, if you eat less and move more you’ll lose weight, and if that’s your goal, it’s going to work, but there are quite a number of problems with it and its massively unhealthy.

The trouble with simple advice like that is that it’s rarely simple in practice and people tend to take it too literally. I’ve read on social media, personal trainers, coaches, experts say this without really thinking about the gravity of their words. These are people are influencers and the people they will influence is everyone who wants to lose weight and that are listening. The problem comes in how this information is received. For some they think, ‘great, ill eat less and less and less until I get to the weight I want’ and start to develop eating disorders. Before you know it they’re nutritionally deficient and very unhealthy in body and in mind. It’s quite irresponsible for personal trainers to give this advice.

I heard a personal trainer actually say ‘if you eat 1000 calories of chocolate and drink full fat coke every day, you’ll lose weight, it’s just maths!!’


Well, he’s correct, you’ll lose weight. You’ll also be nutritionally deficient again and the sugar content that you’re consuming is ultra-toxic to your body and mental health.

So here are some pointers if your goal is to lose weight in a healthy way:

1) WHAT you eat is VITALLY important.
2) WHEN you eat is VITALLY important.
3) How OFTEN you eat is VITALLY important.

Eat clean, self prepared, cooked from scratch whole foods. If anything has a list of ingredients then it’s not food. Treat food as a fuel and not a reward.

Always have breakfast and never eat too close to bed time.

Instead of starving yourself all the way to tea time and cram all your calories in then, spread that calorie intake throughout the day into 4-6 separate meals. Your metabolism will love you for it!!

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