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24th January 2020

The courage to meet the demands of fear, part 3

For the successful, courage isn’t an option. No courage is an option but not having courage is an option and price that successful people are unwilling to pay. I believe that when you don’t operate with courage, a piece of you dies.

The greatest rewards are always preceded with the greatest challenges. You don’t conquer valuable land filled with treasures without a fight, without bloodshed. It’s at the point when most people discover the cost factor of their endeavours do they run for cover, trying to hide from the only thing that will free them from mediocrity. People don’t want to do it because they’re afraid. Average people are so focused on the cost that they can’t see the reward. This is much like a diet. Saying ‘no’ to the cake is painful. Withdrawing from sugar is very uncomfortable. Going to the gym requires sacrifice and this pain and sacrifice is too much for some and they relapse into apathy.

I know smart and talented people that are broke because they’re too afraid to start a business or follow their dreams. I know people that have the time, or could make the time with some sacrifices and could achieve all they dreamed of but they are afraid of change and discomfort. If you find yourself asking the question ‘what if’ a lot then you’re on a mediocre pathway. What if the diet fails? What if the marriage fails? What is my business fails? All this does is paralyse people into inaction. The successful people ask ‘what happens if I don’t take the courageous steps?’

Sometimes you have to do things afraid! You have to learn to do what you have to do, even if you are afraid. Fear in and of itself is not the problem. Your problem is not facing your fears head on.

Courage comes in with many different faces. For some, stepping out of their comfort zone is walking out of their front door. One girl with unbelievable courage is Ellice Barr. Ellice was born with cerebral palsy and she has had many huge operations that will help her walk unaided. Perhaps even run. During our sessions of rehabilitation, she will fall over at least 20 times because I’m pushing her to her limits so her limits improve week on week. She never moans, she just gets up and carries on. Other people display unbelievable courage just by putting on a brave face whilst undergoing treatment for cancer. You can’t succeed by sheltering away from all that might hurt you.

The person who tries and fails, tries and fails but keeps on trying will eventually get to where they want to get to. The person who sits back, does nothing, too afraid to act will always live in mediocrity. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it is a life half lived and a half lived life is unfulfilling and without meaning.

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