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20th June 2018

The nutritional seminar series 3 – Blood

  • Blood
  • Things happen slowly, over time and often without you really realising what is happening. Ever heard of the boiling frog metaphor? If you put a frog in a pan of water and turn on the heat, it will boil to death, if you throw a frog into boiling water it jumps out! (please note, I am not condoning violence to frogs but the analogy is correct). Long term chronic pain built up in the body is tolerated, even thought of as normal in some people! The same goes for the issue of being overweight, we tend to make reasons and excuses to justify why we are in such a state.
  • Being in an acidic state directly affects the quality of your sleep. You actually need more rest and tend to sleep longer because of the toxins within the body. It’s a by-product of your system trying to cope.
  • Dark field microscopes allow you to see at the deepest level, your blood. And you can see all of the creatures that reside within your blood. And now there is a new microscope out called the ultra-light microscope and it allows you to go even deeper into the blood. You can see the candita or the yeast in the blood, parasites, you can see everything.
  • Yeast or candita in the blood stream eat all your glucose and what it does to the body results in eating, but never satisfied because you’re not eating the correct nutrients. So you eat again and the negative spiral continues. Having glucose taken out of the blood stream is low blood sugar, basically you crash, which makes you reach for a food source that temporarily satisfies you but again, does not nourish you. When the yeast and candita is done with your glycogen stores it will start to eat the proteins and it will literally eat your muscle. You compound the problem of being in a catabolic state. Your body is in one of three states, anabolic, catabolic or static. Catabolic is where the body is eating itself to survive. You’re in a negative balance.
  • When you start to eat alkaline and get your body in an alkaline state your body says, ‘great, now I have a chance to get all of this acid out, let’s get it in the blood stream and out’. Which is why many people on a cleanse go through the headache, shakes and withdrawal symptoms that come as a result of the acid.
  • If your diet consists of simple carbohydrates then they will convert to sugar and have the same effect on the body, simple carbs have an ‘acid ash’. If you have fruit on top of an acid lifestyle, it will compound the acidic problem and state you are in. Eating trash will attract the rats, which in turn, attracts more rats.
  • Your acid will always travel to the weakest part of the body and cause cellular breakdown or mutation. Very often the weakest part of a man is his prostate… ladies it is your internal reproductive system. If your liver is weak (due to alcohol or genetic issue) then the acids will go there and cause breakdown and mutation. The reason it collects at the weakest part of the body is because that part isn’t optimised to deal with the acid and just sits in it.


  • Alkalise and energise.
  • How important, then, is alkalinity to the body. It is life and death important, in the short term or long-term basis, acid is a poison. You will not be able to lose weight if your body is kept in an acid lifestyle and I hope that resonates with everyone who reads this. Again, your body will keep its fat stores to protect the system from acid and not release it. Or, if you lose weight at all, it will be temporary and you’ll gain it back.
  • The food you eat can only be of value if it contributes to all the elements necessary to maintain the delicate balance that allows the electric charges to move at an optimum rate. The food itself is taking more energy than it’s giving if it doesn’t provide enough electrical energy.
  • Each of your organs of the body have certain electrical emittance, they give off and operate at a certain MHZ, this is how they know how to restart a heart with the right frequency and intensity. The average of your core organs, your brain, heart and lungs is 70MHZ Your liver is 55-60 MHZ, your colon, 58-63 MHZ, your stomach, 58-65 MHZ.
  • So, what kind of charges are available in:
  • Chocolate cake? 1-3 MHZ
  • Big mac? 5 MHZ
  • Vitamin and mineral supplements? 10-30 MHZ
  • Almonds? 40-50 MHZ
  • Green vegetables? 70-90 MHZ
  • Fresh wheat grass? 70-90 MHZ
  • The smell of a rose? 320 MHZ being emitted!
  • If you ingest many of these foods on a regular basis then can your organism function optimally? You end up in a negative energy balance and your system does not have the energy to deal with the acid in your system so you begin a slow decline that most people call aging….

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