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21st April 2015

To every competitive CrossFitter, please don’t kill CrossFit!

To every competitive Crossfitter, Don’t kill CrossFit!     Don’t forget what makes CrossFit unique amongst all other sports.   Don’t forget the camaraderie that exists between competitors.   Don’t forget the classy moments we witness at the games where the last person to finish gets the most support by the other competitors.   Don’t forget Neil Maddox handing over his glove to Jonnie Kioski so he could finish the 21-15-9 complex.   This should exist at every level of the sport, unfortunately it doesn’t. At the battle of Britain competition at the weekend, I saw and heard the opposite. Not with the competition itself, it was excellently organised and a brilliant first attempt from the boys from Coventry! Saying hello to a number of competitors and being blanked, being stared down before the start of a WOD, intimidating looks and struts. That prima donna bullshit needs to be left on the playgroud where it belongs. The shame of it is, it did get to some inexperienced competitors but lets not forget, if your fellow competitors have to resort to that immature crap, they sense you as a threat and you must take strength from that. Let it fuel your drive.   Im particularly proud of the way WCCF members conducted themselves, competitors and supporters alike. Cheering for all, regardless of box. Supporting other competitors in the arena your own WOD had finished is quintessential CrossFit. Something I am passionate about.   Remember, if you’re that good, you don’t need to resort to that.

  • Michelle Hill

    Great comments, also how you look shouldn’t ever play a part in CrossFit. The comments about the female winner were hurtful and unnecessary.

  • David Hoskins

    Would like to apply this sentiment to one of the organisers who I won’t name who bullishly pushed to the front of the coffee queue, which at this point was in excess of an hour long, and demanded that he received coffee in front of everyone who patiently queued just because and I quote “it’s my F@!£ing event” apart from that it’s was a nice little competition!!

  • Personally I think the games are well overdue a ‘bad guy’ WWE style!

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