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27th April 2018

WCCF and the 6 human needs

  • If you want to succeed, White Cliffs CrossFit.
  • There really are only 6 human needs. No matter what the culture, religion or country the needs are the same. We meet these needs in different ways but the members of White Cliffs CrossFit meet all of these needs in the box. You only need three of them to form an addiction.


  • The first one is the need for certainty. We all need to be certain of things in our lives, our very survival depends on it. We need to make sure we avoid the tiger and eat only the good berries. We need to be certain the roof isn’t going to come down and that the sun rises in the morning. We need to be sure of our next meal. You need to be sure that when you walk into the box, you are certain to be welcomed, certain to be pushed, certain to feel important and valued. You are certain to laugh, certain of the banter, certain to be the butt of a joke. Certain of progress, certain of a good work out and certain of growth. We don’t all improve at the same rate, some are quick, some are slow but you are certain to improve and be better than you ever thought possible. You are certain to meet people of the same tribe as you. You are certain to surround yourself with lions on the same path as you.
  • The second need is the need for uncertainty. The result of uncertainty can be uncomfortable, it can mean ‘failure’ and it can mean anxiety. The very best thing about uncertainty and variety is that it also means growth, if you chose to take that path. We only grow when we push the boundaries, we only grow when things become uncomfortable. It is sometimes that only in the darkest of times that we forge a will of steal. At white cliffs CrossFit, you are ‘certain’ there will be variety every day, you are uncertain your path will be the same as anyone else’s. You are uncertain how much you can push yourself and what you can actually achieve. The path of uncertainty and the flirtation of failure is the ONLY path to success.


  • The third need is the need for significance. Importance and significance. We all have a search for our life’s meaning and it is one way to meet our need of significance. Others fill this need by being the worst at something or having a low self-esteem. We must all know someone who absolutely revels in being bad at something. Some immerse themselves in being a victim. With the recent increase of mass shootings in America, some satisfy this need with violence and if you look into the shooters history, in almost all cases, they felt deeply insignificant. Thankfully there are better ways people meet this need for significance. WCCF members are synonymous for helping others, being there for others, working to be the best version of themselves and supporting one another in a workout. Sometimes just being listened to (actually listened to with a view to understand and not to answer) is the best way of making someone feel important. If you don’t turn up to a workout, someone will message you asking where you were and if you’re ok. If you’re missing in action for any length of time, you get a phone call to make sure you’re ok. You are significant to the tribe.
  • The fourth need is the need for love and connection. Suffering has an uncanny ability to bond at the deepest level. A shared hardship that you get through releases serotonin and oxytocin and nothing, absolutely nothing bonds people closer. It is the biggest dump of feel good chemicals and hormones you can get. It has been described as a similar feeling to the brotherhood felt by soldiers that have been through war together. Soldiers that have been through basic training together are brothers (and sisters) for life. In fact, many ex forces personnel have openly stated that CrossFit is the only place outside of the military that they have felt this connection, indeed, it’s what they have been looking for. We are social creatures and by working together we achieve more. By all working out together, doing the same workout (or your version of it that is right for you) raises your level and because of that it raises the level of all those around you. At the end of your workout you fight for your breath and then go on and cheer on the others to completion. Or if you’re the last to finish, you will get the most support and the biggest cheer. If you don’t make it down on your session, one of the other members will text you and ask where you were! It is this need of love and connection that builds the most amazing community of like-minded individuals that support and care for one another. We have an incredible need to bond, it is how we achieve amazing things and build temples.
  • The fifth need is the need for growth, if we’re not growing, we’re dying. As bad as that sounds it’s true. We all need to grow which is why we seek variety. We need constant emotional, intellectual and spiritual development. We must all know people that just don’t change, they are the same person that they were 10 years ago. We look at these people and generally think they have wasted their time but in reality, they’re going backwards because they will never get that time again. Even though we may not improve at the same rate, we might even get frustrated at not seemingly getting anywhere because it is so hard to look inwards, everyone marches in one direction, at their own speed.
  • And the sixth need is the need for contribution. This is, perhaps, the most important need of the sprit. You only ever get to keep what you give, give without expecting anything in return is the true act of generosity. After coming from the prison service for 12 years and no help from staff, managers or guests, I admit I didn’t know how to handle the pure generosity from people within the community. It was so new to me that people could be so kind. It was overwhelming. In fact, people have an absolute need to help. It’s one of the most natural things we do. Think back or to your children, they always want to help! If I run a competition I must get 10 messages asking if I need help with anything at all and there is no higher honour than people willing to give their most valuable commodity – time. Dan Wright comes in and volunteers to DJ. I know he gets an immense amount of fulfilment seeing everyone enjoy the beats! It really lifts the room. I always see Ganesh Rana volunteer his time to help others learn what he has learnt. One of the most selfless men I have ever met and he gets an immense amount of pleasure from giving to others. They are just two examples but there are plenty more. People volunteer their time to help judge, listen to one another and help move the gym and I am 100% confident that if I asked anyone for a hand with anything, they would, because they’re awesome and the best tribe on the planet.
  • White Cliffs CrossFit meets all 6 human needs and in the most constructive, positive and satisfying way. We are masters of our own path but sharing this path with others. We are an uncommon breed connecting in an increasingly disconnected world.
  • Ben Stroud

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