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10th December 2019

Weight loss tips from real CrossFitters who have succeeded!

We asked our members for some real weight loss tips, this is what they said!

Everyone loves a tip. A financial one, horse racing or receiving a financial tip for good service. So we thought we’d ask real CrossFitters, who have achieved great results, what would be their one best tip for weight loss.

1) Plan and prep your meals and stick to it. Sometimes meaning that you have to eat what you’ve prepped even if you’re not hungry, it will help stop the cravings before bed!
2) Be honest with yourself, track what you eat.
3) Be consistent.
4) Follow a balanced meal plan. It takes out all the guess work of what to eat and has stopped me overeating. My next goal is to curb my sugar binging but following a structured meal plan has certainly helped.
5) Once you get your meal plan, stick to it! Don’t stray off course, prep your meals a few days in advance so it takes the sting out of cooking and prepping all the time.
6) I would say it takes time so realise that early on and just stick with it.
7) Spread out the meals into smaller ones, eat regularly and if you are at a desk based job, set an alarm to move away every hour and do 10 air squats or something.
8) Add intermittent fasting to your lifestyle. Very cheap and simple and there is now overwhelming scientific evidence that it dramatically enhances cellular/DNA repair, telomere length, reduces inflammation and increases longevity.
9) Eat real food and lots of it
10) Carbs are not your enemy, they’re you’re friend.
11) Remain active and vary your exercise to keep your whole body working. Eat what you want but control your portion size relevant to your activities. Eat breakfast!
12) Don’t give up!!!
13) Compete against yourself and not the little voice in your head that tells you to go back to bed or makes you wonder what you’re doing, not against other people.
14) Find out what works for you and stick with it, one diet does not work for all!
15) Eat regularly. One thing I have learnt is that snacks are essential and good if you eat the right thing!
16) Eat men alive…..does that count… (J.F)

As you can see there are many different opinions and options but essentially the rules are consistent. Eat regular, good clean food and often. Train hard and adopt it as a lifestyle.


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