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8th June 2018

The Nutritional Seminar Series. 2

  • Germs
  • It’s not the principles that will make you change the way you eat today, It’s your beliefs.
  • From all the people in your life, 1 out of every 2 of us will die of heart disease. 1 out of 3 from cancer. That is the national statistic of the UK. America is worse! There is no excuse for those statistics because they’re lifestyle driven but most approaches deal with the effect rather than the cause.
  • Germs – everyone thinks they’re the source of the disease but they are not, they are the result of the real disease. They are the rats, but the rats don’t exist in clean healthy areas. If you create an environment that is polluted then germs/rats are going to magnify their number and effect. If you’ve ever been anywhere where the bin men have been on strike, rubbish will build up and attract the rats. Blaming the rats for being there is the allopathic approach to research.
  • Pathology is the study of disease but if you wanted to be rich would you study poor people? No, if you wanted to be healthy would you study sick people? No. But that is the allopathic approach to research. Thankfully that is changing now quite a bit and better research is being done.
  • For us as people if we want to grow and be ultimately healthy then we need to be open to as much new knowledge as possible.
  • All truths go through three phases:
  • Firstly, it is ridiculed,
  • Then it is violently opposed,
  • Then it is accepted as obviously true – self-evident is the word.
  • Your philosophy of diet has a greater impact of the choices you make because it will drive the way you make your choices on how to deal with dis-ease in the body.
  • Let’s use the flu example. When is the most likely time for you to catch the flu? What part of the year is it most prevalent. After xmas right! What do you do around xmas? Do you celebrate xmas by rewarding your body with a balanced nutritional meal? Don’t eat any more than necessary? No of course not. Do you wash it down with a nice glass of water? All of this is toxicity in the system, acid to be precise. Is there any added stress at this time? Is there additional pressure on time and money? In most countries the holiday season occurs during a time of extreme temperature, this requires more nerve energy to deal with than normal. The demands placed on the entire organism at this time in particular are incredible. After xmas dinner when you’ve ever indulged are you done?
  • Eventually your body cannot deal with the acidic build up and illness occurs. At the very best you’re tired and sluggish. How do you feel after a huge meal? Let’s say, after a pizza? Most people want to sleep! It’s called a carb coma.
  • The flu is sometimes wrongly labelled as a bug but really, you’ve created an environment in which germs will absolutely thrive. Who has ever absolutely craved vegetables? Ever wondered why?
  • What are the symptoms of the flu?
  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Diaoreah
  • Aches and pains
  • Are those the symptoms of a body that’s been poisoned?
  • Acid alkaline balance.
  • I really want to give you an insight into some new valuable distinctions that I have made.
  • After the holiday season, we are incredibly out of balance. Mainly because of diet but also because of the stresses and pressures of that time too. And by the way, having a blow out of food every now and again is not always as bad as I make out. And what I mean by that is what you do once is not the problem, it’s what you do on a consistent basis is the problem. For example, do you have a glass of wine every evening meal? Always have a bit of a cheat every day or more often than not? It’s these habits that cause the real problem.
  • Let’s think about what your body is. It is basically an organism that is run on electricity tied with magnetism, or electromagnetism. All of the cells in the body, in order to be completely healthy and alive need to be totally energetic. And there are 37.2 trillion cells that need to be energised! In order for them to have the electrical power there needs to be a delicate balance in our biochemistry. If it slips out of its delicate balance then the pulses are not as powerful or as complete as they should be. Like any system that works on electricity, the components matter. Ask any passionate music lover about the difference between cheap copper wire or gold-plated fibre optic cable then they will happily tell you it makes the world of difference!!
  • Acid within the system creates a breakdown of our delicate biochemistry. How does everyone deal with excess acid within the stomach? We tend to have alka-seltsa or even as a preventative – pepcin AC. And what are both of those? Ant-acids!
  • One of the first thing that creates acid in the system are emotions, namely anger, frustration, resentment.
  • Let me clarify how important this is. Your body, to maintain powerful, efficient and complete electrical impulses needs to have a blood and plasma PH level of 7.36. It is as important as it is to maintaining the temperature of your body. 1 degree above or below and you feel like shit, 2 degrees you are putting yourself into some serious danger. This is so important that if your figure was to vary 1 or 2 points you would die instantly. Imagine if your biochemistry changed that much there would be no electricity, and if there is no power from the power plant, you die. Acid will strip or weaken the electrical charges around red blood cells. The outside of a red blood cell has a negative charge, this allows it to take on and carry nutrients and oxygen to the rest of the body. The negative charge also helps the red blood cells from sticking together. It is also that system that in the reverse that allows blood to clot easily when it is needed. If the red blood cells are sticking together then they will go through the blood stream more slowly and not allow oxygen or nutrients to be delivered. This is what it means when you feel ‘carb drunk’ or ‘walking through sludge. Now when your system is acidic it also strips the red blood cells of its positive inner charge. When that happens then the cells start to decay and die. They then release their own acid and compound the issue. If you keep pouring water in the glass and the water over flows…..the system cannot cope. Now you have a polluted environment with negative momentum.
  • Eventually you’ll have aches and pains everywhere and that is due to acid and a lack of oxygen at the cellular level.
  • Your bodies are clever and have evolved to combat this and there are systems in place to maintain the delicate balance of acid and alkaline. However, it has not evolved enough to maintain the system with our current lifestyle and stresses. Firstly, your body will use stores of alkaline to neutralise the threat. That is ultimately not enough and will not cope with a modern diet. So, the body’s second stage is to take these acids and store them in the fats of the body. In fact, if your diet is poor it will keep the fat reserves to protect you. Hence the maxim of, ‘you cannot outwork a poor diet’. Not only will your store fat but your body will keep hold of it. This also goes some way to explain why people feel so very poorly when they first start exercising and/or losing fat through diet. As the body drops excess fat, the acid within the fat starts to get released into the blood stream and you’re then fighting against a rising tide.
  • So, when you train, a by-product of the energy systems that we use is lactic acid. So now you have a massive amount of acid within the muscle trying to slow you down, a massive amount being released into the blood stream and a massive amount in your stomach, you start to feel terrible and your body ejects the easiest acid source it can, your stomach. Then low and behold you immediately feel better. People are not over fat, they are over acid. They will not let go of the fat because of the acid within the blood itself. If you create an environment that is more alkaline then you will drop the fat up to 90% easier.
  • The role of cholesterol within the system is in synergy with the acidic lifestyle that we have. Because of the excess acid within the bloodstream your body needs to find a way to protect itself and especially protect the arterial walls. It deposits cholesterol on the arterial wall to protect and shield it from the acid. Once that happens the arteries are weaker and inflexible and prone to blockage or rupture.



  • Part 3 soon to be released!

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