Kent Crossfit, Dover

Our family of coaches

Ben Stroud - Head Coach & Owner


We set out every day to inspire those to do the things that inspire them, to be inspired totake action for themselves. We set out every day to inspire people to change their limiting beliefs into empowering ones. Their achievement is all we need. We believe in challenging what is accepted as ‘normal’ and measuring success in joy, achievement, progress and happiness.


Ben has been involved in this industry his whole adult life, from being a PTI in the military to 12 years in the prison service gyms on the Isle of Sheppey, to opening White Cliffs CrossFit from 2011. Having amassed 23 years’ experience in coaching a variety of sports and clients, Ben is well placed to offer the very best of advice while continuing to improve his knowledge and skill set.


23 years’ experience in the industry
CF level 1
CF lesson planning
CF Running course
CF judges’ qualification 2012-18
CF spot the flaw
CF Anatomy and physiology.
UKSC level 3
BAWLA Instructor
BAWLA referee
Gym instructor L2
Personal Trainer advanced level 3
Advanced kettlebell instructor
Exercise referral level 3
Exercise prescription for lower back pain L4
Exercise prescription for obesity and diabetes L4
A1 Tutor assessor
L4 Internal verifier
British military PTI
Volleyball coach L1
Basketball coach L2
Badminton coach L2
Football coach L1
FA treatment of injuries L2
Circuit training instructor
Cholesterol and diabetes testing cert.
Outdoor fitness instructor
Exercise to music L2
Bodypump instructor
A level PE, A grade
CSLA award
Manual Handling key instructor
First aid at work
Myofascial release practitioner
Certificate of education Level 5 and 6

Jamie Smith - Coach


I discovered CrossFit back in August 2014 by almost accident, training in the weights room, and seeing people going back and forth through the mysterious double doors into ‘the box’. I tagged along with our WCCF merchandise maker for my first session at 9.30am, did my first shoddy clean and jerk and some box jumps and have literally never looked back, becoming addicted very quickly. Later on in that year I entered the in-house box competition, qualified through default and hit the floor with athletes that continue to inspire me today. It was also that day I realised the power of our community. Fast forward to 2018, I had the opportunity to take my CrossFit Level One course. I initially decided to do it because I thought I would really benefit from the experience, and as an educator in my day job, it would enhance my ability to be better at that. I’ve always tried to help others in the box, whether it be with movements, encouragement or helping not make the same mistakes as me (ego, injuries, being a mong). I also thought it would help me with understanding my own mind set and bring me a better awareness of self. I had no aspiration of being a coach or joining the WCCF team….until I shadowed my first CrossFit Lite class. It was there I truly saw the power of what we do, how we can change people’s lives, outlook, confidence, physique, awareness of self and a better future. It felt such a privilege and reinforced my realisation that we have a such a responsibility as coaches, not only for that hour a day when athletes can come in and achieve ‘their why’ but also be a pillar in our community and the CrossFit community as a whole.
My plan now is to learn, learn, learn and never stop learning. Help build WCCF to be the best it can be and hopefully inspire others in the process.


Have had way too many jobs, spent a long time in another ‘cult’ (vintage VW Scene) and haven’t always learned from my mistakes. But life is experience, life brings about change and life takes us where we need to go. I don’t have a huge background in sport like others, Sunday League Football, basketball, globo gyms and garage gym work. Have always just tried to keep fit and healthy.

Kent Crossfit, Dover


established in 2012

White Cliffs CrossFit has been open since August 2012 by Ben Stroud. Starting with minimal kit and maximum passion it has been built up to be, undoubtably, one of the best equipped facilities in the UK. With fundamentals in passionate and evolving coaching and previous success in national fitness competitions, WCCF has been built with professionalism and dedication. WCCF has taken athletes to international competition and helped people achieve fitness levels that were previously not thought of.

the box

White Cliffs CrossFit now has the largest training space in kent.

the members

White Cliffs Crossfit has more female members than male.

The workouts

In 5 years has recorded over 100,000 hours of member training.

Kent Crossfit, Dover


WCCF philosophy is to be an all welcoming and progressive strength and conditioning facility suitable for absolutely everyone. Its principle aim is to be the premier CrossFit facility in the south east. Premier coaching, facility, equipment, community and results.

Kent Crossfit, Dover


Kent Crossfit

The box

It is a 3500 sq ft facility located in the heart of dover with ample parking. Fully fitted thick rubber flooring, 30 olympic bars, 4000kgs of bumper plates, competition kettlebells, medicine balls, rowers, ski ergs, 3 rigs, rope climbs, sleds plus much much more, WCCF is more than equipped for anyone to achieve their goals.

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