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20th November 2018

How is White Cliffs CrossFit GREAT for you?

  • How is White Cliffs CrossFit great for YOU?
  • I know what you’re thinking.
  •  ‘I’ll try it when I’m fit enough’
  • ‘Don’t you have to be super fit to do that?’
  • ‘’I’ll look stupid being ‘last’
  • ‘I can’t do what they’re doing?
  • “What if the coaches are crap?
  • ‘I’ll lose weight first then try a class’
  • Here at White Cliffs CrossFit we know what it feels like to be a first timer. The anxiety, the anticipation and the worry. And before you know it, you’ve booked out. Or perhaps you haven’t even registered yet? So ill address the frequent concerns above to see why the members absolutely love it!
  • I’ll try when I’m fit enough.’
  • ‘Don’t you have to be super fit?’
  • ‘I’ll look stupid being last’
  • This is the biggest misconception of CrossFit. It’s easy to see why this concern is there! Some of the members are very fit indeed, and I can tell you first hand they are also the most helpful. You don’t need to be fit to start, you just need to start. Everyone starts at the same place, the beginning and you simply progress every single time you come in. White Cliffs CrossFit ethos and environment is non-judgemental. No one will ever judge you for being less fit than them, I wouldn’t have it. In fact, the person who may finish ‘last’ in a workout gets the biggest cheer and support. No one actually finishes ‘last’ though, you finish first because the only competition you should ever worry about is you.
  • ‘I can’t do what they’re doing’
  • No, no you can’t (probably not anyway), and we certainly wouldn’t expect you do! One of the best things about CrossFit is how we deliver it. For every exercise, there are progressions. Don’t worry about not being able to do a burpee, there’s a progression for that! A progression that is absolutely right for you. That you can do safely and you will get better from. When you’re ready to progress, we will coach you into the next progression. The same goes for pullups, muscle ups and snatch. No one just ‘runs a marathon’. It all starts with a single step, then another and another.
  • ‘What if the coaches are crap?’
  • Here at White Cliffs CrossFit we take the coaching immensely seriously and we are constantly improving our delivery. We regularly assess and feed back to our coaches so as to improve our consistency in delivery. With have over half a century of experience in coaching at every possible level, every single coach delivers with authenticity. We absolutely live and love the reason why we help people, we truly believe what we say and we are on a mission. A mission to inspire:
  • We set out every day to inspire those to do the things that inspire them, to be inspired to take action for themselves. We set out every day in inspire people to change their limiting beliefs into empowering ones. Their achievement is all we need. We believe in challenging what is accepted as ‘normal’ and measuring success in joy, achievement, progress and happiness.  
  • We believe in this mission so much that if something happened during your session you didn’t like, please tell us so we can learn and improve! In fact, we often put out anonymous questionnaires asking for honest feedback on every part of our delivery!
  • ‘I’ll lose weight first, then try a class’.
  • I hear this the most. The truth is, White Cliffs CrossFit will get you there. Whatever your goal, our programs, classes, personal training is, by far, the best way to achieve the body you want. The combination of coaching, corrective movement, intensity and community will get you there quicker than ever before and you’ll have fun along the way. You’ll achieve things you never thought you would! If you feel like you are currently over weight, great! Let’s do something about it right now.
  • Book a session with us.
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