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22nd July 2019

How quick will I see results?

The short answer is, I couldn’t tell you. Because so many factors come into play, and genetics accounts for a very small percentage of that result. 

What I can tell you is how quickly you FEEL the result. After all, we are aiming for long term health and not instant fixes here. Yes, CrossFit is so potent that you feel the results of a workout pretty quickly but roughly how long until I see the result that i’m after?

Picture this, you’ve just started a brand new job and you’ve done your first shift. You look in the bank and see that you haven’t been paid yet. You become despondent and quit because you thought it would just happen over night. Does that sound like you? Of course not! You would be patient and play the longer game because you know, as long as you put the work in, it will pay off.

Now consider that it takes 61 days to create a habit. Out of those 61 days, if you train 4 days a week that’s a potential 32-40 hours of training you’ve got in. PROVIDING you eat clean and rest as you should will you see the results? Of course! I guarantee it. 

Commit to yourself. Literally say to yourself, ‘Im going to do this for 60 days no matter what’. It really is that simple.

Now you’re in an amazing position to keep momentum and stay focused to your goals. 

Be patient, the results are coming.


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