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5th December 2019

We asked our community:

We asked our community some questions, here are some of the answers.
All answers were completely anonymous.

1) What have you achieved this month at CrossFit?

• More Consistency
• Better form and 2PB’s, a positive attitude and feel very included
• PB on Sumo deadlift, Rx’d a WOD and jerked 40kgs
• PB on clean and jerk
• Feel better in myself
• Starting CrossFit!!
• Progressing by improving technique and building muscle!
• Increased aerobic capacity and range of movement.
• Pull ups!
• I’ve got my motivation back. I’ve met a great bunch of people and I’ve started to get my health and fitness back in order.
• Turning up to classes and meeting new people, great to see!

2) What would you like to achieve in the next 3 months?

• Maintain consistency and be fitter and stronger
• Fat loss and on the way to a six pack
• No more fat on the stomach, 150kg dead lift and more strength
• Remain injury free whilst increasing bulk, lift more weight and improved CV
• To lose weight and be more active.
• To feel fitter and stronger
• To be harder to kill!
• Lose more fat and gain muscle, to achieve my first toes to bar
• Strength, serious weight loss and manage my aches and pains
• Double unders!
• Have a more defined upper body
• Trying more and more WCCF!

3) Who is, perhaps, the most supportive person in your fitness journey?

• Girlfriend
• My husband and mentor, online PT combined
• Kirsty is the most supportive, Ryan a very close second
• Wife, she’ll divorce me if I stop looking the way I do
• My better half and coaches Ryan and Ben
• I guess Kirk Hughes!
• I have two, Ryan and Kirsty!
• Joe Rogans Podcasts?!
• My wife
• My partner
• Every coach!
• My family and myself.

4) Would you be willing to have a blog written about your successes?

75% said yes.

5) What do we do well?

• Run the gym
• Coach encourage, support, options for scaling, inclusive.
• Seriously supportive and inclusive
• Engagement and community feel, always accommodating and always friendly.
• Create a sense of belonging, family or community
• Welcoming, positive energy, supportive
• The movement training and encouragement.
• Support, accommodating, good equipment, encouragement and friendly.
• Awesome facility and everyone is friendly
• Excellent coaches, make everything achievable, very welcoming
• Support and confidence, comradery
• Making sure people are made to feel welcome, excellent support and encouragement to get correct form before pushing limits, great selection of equipment.
• Great equipment great box

6) If you make the journey from Dover or further, what is it you love about WCCF so much that keeps you coming?

• The community!
• It’s like a family. The coaches are understanding of my limits but push accordingly to help me improve.
• The other people, Ben’s constant ‘stop putting yourself down and get in emails that don’t let up!
• Literally the community. The feeling of being part of something where everyone wants you to do well. Felt that much a part of it. You have created a cult!
• The community draws you in. It takes time to fit into other families so its perhaps easier to take 5-10 mins longer to get to a place that already feels like home.
• My progression and gaining more believe in my capabilities despite adversity at times. The trainers are so supportive too.
• I love the space and the box, the equipment and the people!
• I love how CrossFit makes me feel.
• The people.

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