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8th March 2018

Accessory work and why you need it!

Accessory work and why you need it! What is it? General CrossFit programming is far from perfect. It has to be prescribed in a ‘most, most, most scenario. Most people, most of the time in most circumstance require GPP-general physical preparedness and a program to that effect. The trouble comes with individual issues surrounding mobility, […]

19th February 2018

Are you being over coached, are you over coaching?

  The best coaches in the world establish the deepest relationships with their athletes. It goes way beyond the conventional coaching mantra and taking every effort to understand the individual in your charge. Granted this can be harder to do when coaching individuals within groups but over time, amazing connections and understanding can be forged. […]

15th February 2018

7 ways to get fitter faster!

7 ways to get fitter, faster.     Be coachable By and large, everyone who comes into CrossFit understands that it is a coach led fitness program and is open to being corrected. Make sure you start each session as a white belt, even if it’s a session you’re familiar with, there is always bits […]

18th January 2018

Are your beliefs holding you back?

Ask any affiliate owner and they will tell you that one of their biggest daily challenges is convincing people that they can do something when they believe they can’t.   Ive always believed that I can coach people much better when I get them thinking the right way and I can only do that when […]

11th January 2018

WCCF Ambassador program.

WCCF Ambassador program.     Over the last few months we have been phoning and speaking to the entire membership about how we can improve and do things better and we’ve had some amazing and honest feedback. We identified from this that CrossFit in general can be intimidating!! Having been in this industry for over […]

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