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2nd November 2015

Goal Setting

Goal setting and maintaining focus.     Goal setting is the single best way to achieving your goals bar none. Some people do this naturally, some need to really sit and think what the next goal is but either way, it is essential to success. This is not just for CrossFit, but can be related […]

27th October 2015


With the upcoming CrossFit open around the corner (yes it really is that close), preparation starts now. I cannot emphasise enough the benefits of competition, for absolutely everyone. Even if its a qualifier for a local competition, it will focus your training like never before, you will get more than one PB and it will […]

21st April 2015

To every competitive CrossFitter, please don’t kill CrossFit!

To every competitive Crossfitter, Don’t kill CrossFit!     Don’t forget what makes CrossFit unique amongst all other sports.   Don’t forget the camaraderie that exists between competitors.   Don’t forget the classy moments we witness at the games where the last person to finish gets the most support by the other competitors.   Don’t […]

31st March 2015

The 2015 open!

The 2015 open. White Cliffs CrossFit.     A total of 26 athletes took part in the 2015 open from White Cliffs CrossFit, and if you ask any of them, they all broke through barriers, set PB’s and don’t regret it one bit.   You should all be super proud of your effort and your […]

3rd January 2015

How to approach a WOD

How to Approach a Workout Written by Nichole DeHart You walk in and you see the white board – and shudder. It is your least favorite workout (or movement or time domain) on the board. You know you are going to have to do it but you aren’t happy about it. You are not alone […]

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