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23rd July 2019

Eat that frog!

I love to read. I’ve learnt more out of reading self help books than anything I did at school! Yes, really. Because these books give amazing advice and guidance on what is real in the world and real time strategies on how to deal with them. I didn’t learn about anti-procrastination or how to change […]

22nd July 2019

How quick will I see results?

The short answer is, I couldn’t tell you. Because so many factors come into play, and genetics accounts for a very small percentage of that result.  What I can tell you is how quickly you FEEL the result. After all, we are aiming for long term health and not instant fixes here. Yes, CrossFit is […]

4th March 2019

Ice bathing and CrossFit

You’ve probably heard that ice bathing is remarkably good for you, and they’re right. Nations have been doing it for centuries and the positive effects are well documented. But it goes much deeper than that for me. For me I truly believe we can all change for the better. I truly believe I can help […]

8th January 2019

Book your free ‘no sweat intro’ here!

A no sweat intro is exactly as it sounds! Here we learn about you, ask some questions, understand what you need and work out how we can fit around you. We tailor our memberships and service to suit your demanding lifestyle. We talk to you about your goals, what you’re doing at the moment and […]

1st January 2019

CrossFit at home, for free!

CrossFit is easier and cheaper to start than you think. It’s actually easier to get started with the CrossFit methodology. CrossFit’s definition of fitness is ‘work capacity over broad time and modal domains’. I realise that may not make much sense, however, at its core, it means, ‘how much work can you produce in a given […]

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