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24th June 2018

Nutritional Seminar Series 4 – Imbalance and balance.

  • How do we become imbalanced and what does it do?
  • How much of the population, as a percentage, have an internal environment that has been compromised? They may have made some poor lifestyle choices which has left the delicate biochemistry polluted and now problems are building on top of problems, they are out of balance.
  • How do we become imbalanced? The first thing that has to happen is there is a disturbance in the blood stream and one of the early ways this happens is with negative thoughts, negative actions and negative mind-sets. Have you ever heard of people complaining that they’re all screwed up inside? That they feel they’re in a ‘toxic environment? If you think back to stressful times where you have gone through a major change for example, you can probably remember feeling a little bit twisted up inside? Emotions can be acidic to the internal environment of our bodies. During stressful times it’s easier to become poorly and that is, in part, because the acid destroys your white blood cells and your immune system. If you think back to when we are most likely to catch the flu, around xmas time, is that a fairly stressful time of year? For some it is the most stressful. What would you think to breathing the smog and toxicity of the atmosphere does to you? Make you acid or alkaline? Our diets, however, are the most fundamental entity to creating the imbalance of our blood stream. Simple carbohydrates, alcohol and some meat products, are the absolute essence of what an acidic diet looks like and some of the foods will surprise you. Just think, acid equals glue.
  • The outside of a red blood cell has a negative charge, the inside is positive. It has a negative charge to keep them from sticking together however the acid strips the negative charge from the red blood cell and the blood does not flow as freely as before. One of the only other things to strip the negative charge from a red blood cell is radiation. This particular point makes sense that if we have a cheat meal/snacks, the next day we can feel pretty crap in ourselves and not just psychologically! We can feel slower, more tired and be much less active.
  • The best way to think of the damage to cells caused by an acidic environment is: irritation causes mutation. If a cell is out of balance then only three things can occur, it either weakens, dies or mutates. They have to mutate because of the change in the environment and because life wants to live, so, it attempts to adapt to compensate. Cancer cells are cells that want to live so much and so successfully that they expand like crazy even where there is no oxygen. With an acidic environment causing damage to red blood cells there is less oxygen available, cancer will spread rapidly. It is also one of the ways in which people can die from car accidents. Something like a huge impact will rip cells apart and cause so much acid to be released into the blood stream that the body simply cannot cope. In an acidic environment, germs, bacteria, yeast and mould can grow and multiply at a much higher rate because you’ve given them a place where they can feed. The scary part is some red blood cells can actually mutate into bacteria.
  • It takes four parts of alkalinity to balance one part acid and this is why most people are so acid.
  • Balance.
  • In order to restore balance to the system there are some simple steps to follow. The first and most potent step is to cleanse the body. The ideal amount of time cleansing is 7-10 days but even 3-4 will have a significant impact on how you feel and your general well-being. The most efficient way of doing this is to super hydrate your body with natural alkaline drinks, green drinks. The electrical charge transfer from plant to body is huge also because the plant is still ‘alive’ when you eat it. It’s why plants have such a high MHZ. The molecular structure of plants is almost identical to the molecular structure of blood and you could liken it to drinking the blood of the plant. It’s why we absorb it so quickly. If you wanted to give your body the ultimate gift it would be to go on a cleanse.
  • Of course, a cleanse is a huge shift in your lifestyle so there are some easier ways to restore balance over the long term. Making sure you eat your greens as a part of every meal is something that I personally advocate to athletes and non-athletes alike. And I do mean every meal, particularly your breakfast as it will give you the best start to the day. If you have this in the form of a smoothy then I would advise to have that first and it will help you to not over eat.
  • The second step in creating balance is to interrupt the destructive pattern you have that causes you to eat the wrong things. One of these is the way we cope with our emotions where we turn to simple instant pleasures. But we know, short term pleasure always equal long-term pain. For those that attended ‘The focus and emotional control seminar’, you will have a better understanding of the correct way to deal with disempowering emotions to turn them positive. There is a structure and a strategy to deal with them all and turn them positive. One of the best ways to interrupt a destructive pattern (eating crap when at home) is to throw yourself into something positive and constructive such as, join a CrossFit gym, read a book, drink a green drink, study something etc… These are behaviours that will serve you and not destroy you.
  • The third step is to provide the body what it really needs on a regular basis. So far it may have sounded like I am promoting a vegan diet, I am not!! While there are many benefits to a vegan diet it is not complete enough for highly active people. As I said, some meats are highly acidic but some are mildly acidic but carry the additional benefit of protein to help us recover from intense sessions. White meat like chicken, turkey and some fish is a great option for this.
  • When your body is back in balance then you will be optimised to produce your best results in your training sessions. You will perform optimally. There will be more red blood cells in a better condition, there will be more oxygen being delivered to every cell and the PH level of your blood will be perfect in order to transmit electrical signals from your brain.
  • The best athletes and the healthiest people eat like this, it’s time for you to do the same. It’s such a simple addition to your life but the cumulative effect of being in balance is incredible.

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