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22nd July 2019

How quick will I see results?

The short answer is, I couldn’t tell you. Because so many factors come into play, and genetics accounts for a very small percentage of that result.  What I can tell you is how quickly you FEEL the result. After all, we are aiming for long term health and not instant fixes here. Yes, CrossFit is […]

1st January 2019

CrossFit at home, for free!

CrossFit is easier and cheaper to start than you think. It’s actually easier to get started with the CrossFit methodology. CrossFit’s definition of fitness is ‘work capacity over broad time and modal domains’. I realise that may not make much sense, however, at its core, it means, ‘how much work can you produce in a given […]

26th December 2018

People like us do things like this.

People like us.   People like us do things like this. Birds of a feather flock together, you’ve heard that saying before but does it apply to you? We are a diverse bunch but we have some similarities that are striking and bring us together in way that to not achieve your goals is almost impossible.  There are […]

27th September 2017

Intimidated by CrossFit? I don’t blame you.

Playschool was intimidating. Primary, secondary, the military, walking onto the landings with 150 men doing life with not much to lose, was intimidating. We all face times in our lives where our anxiety is a little higher but as with all things that are uncomfortable, growth and strength comes from it. Progression truly begins at […]

31st March 2015

The 2015 open!

The 2015 open. White Cliffs CrossFit.     A total of 26 athletes took part in the 2015 open from White Cliffs CrossFit, and if you ask any of them, they all broke through barriers, set PB’s and don’t regret it one bit.   You should all be super proud of your effort and your […]

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